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About Dr. Rashida

Dr.Rashida Naraharasetti, MBBS (India), DO (MP), Touch for Health consultant, Faculty for India, and trainer for Canada is a highly skilled medical professional withabout over 30 years of practical experience in hospital, home health, and primary-care environments.

Bioenergetic Balance

Many people suffer at the subclinical level and have no diagnosed disease. There are times when your conscious efforts do not seem to bear fruit; that is when your subconscious needs to be brought to the fore.

As each of us has unique neurological strengths and weaknesses, Bioenergetic wellness considers these essential markers of our individuality, harmonizes energy patterns, and maximizes our innate ability to correct itself. By working with our body's innate healing process, and by following the body's wisdom, these techniques bring about the desired shifts in electro-chemistry to access our full potential.

How does it work

The foremost, subtle seeds of illness occur in a person’s “energy body” before manifesting concretely in the physical/mental body. The reflex corrections (Spinal reflex, Chapman’s reflex, Bennett’s reflex etc.), decoding a secret or encrypted emotional messages, accessing the epigenome for the most desired outcome, enhance the capacity of the individual to retrieve their innate skills to achieve wellness from within. It brings awareness of the self and the external world and impacts the full spectrum of conditions with precision, speed, and flexibility. It enhances innate healing and prevents illness with simple, subtle, and non-invasive methods.

Bioenergetic balance includes a variety of modalities that primarily use manual muscle monitoring as a biofeedback tool to determine both the imbalances in physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, as well as what is required to restore balance.

In a nutshell bioenergetic balance harmonizes, restores, and enhances human functions by stimulating the subtle energy system.

It has a significant impact on a wide range of health and well-being issues.

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What is Breathing?

Breathing is one of our most natural functions. It bridges the macrocosm of nature and the microcosm of the human. Certain techniques of breathing move the internal energy of the body in ways that create vibrant health and well being.

The mind and breath are interconnected. A steady breath means a calm mind and a calm mind helps steady the breath.

Frequently Asked Question's

Bioenergetic wellness is an integrated approach of applying a variety of modalities as and when indicated depending on the client’s condition. You may find detailed description of these modalities on the page entitled “Tools” available here.

It begins with identifying the priority issue to be addressed along with noting down other issues related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

We prepare the client’s system by switching on energy switches and generic energy exercises.

As we identify disturbed energy patterns in relation to the goal, various reflex techniques from ancient eastern energy systems and modern western developments are used to reinstate the energy patterns. The correction techniques are gentle, subtle and non-invasive in nature.

During the entire session manual muscle testing is used as an indicator of energy flows.

The clients wear whatever clothing they are comfortable in. Clients stay fully clothed throughout the session.


Here’s a video of the 14 Muscle Dance ;

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